We know that if you have a MidMade then you have one of the world’s best loft ladder systems. If you are considering a loft ladder, we have detailed 5 reasons below why you should choose MidMade.

1. High insulation levels

MidMade loft ladders are designed for the Scandinavian environment, and as such the ladder systems feature high levels of insulation. Just as importantly, the design and construction of the hatch system ensures that the minimum heat is lost around the seal of the trapdoor and the hatch opening.

The LEX 70 features an incredible 70mm of cellular plastic insulation, providing a U-value of just 0.40. We believe this is the most energy efficient loft ladder available in the world today.

2. Extra thick timber

The frame of the loft ladder (bolted to the rafters) is a key component in determining its longevity. Many low cost loft ladders use a frame which is less than 15mm thick – over time this will distort and reduce the stability of the system, therefore reducing the lifespan of the product.

MidMade loft ladders use a frame which is 24mm thick (34mm thick on the hinge side), and 140mm high. This, combined with our highly skilled joinery techniques, produce a frame which will stay square for a generation even under the most rigorous use.

LUX Gas Piston3. Perfectly balanced

Loft ladders are heavy, especially well constructed ones! MidMade loft ladders feature a carefully calibrated spring balanced or gas piston operated mechanism which balances the weight of the loft ladder when opening and closing. This means that once you open the lock, the ladder system will open just enough for you to pull down the ladder with no risk of injury. When closing, once the ladder is folded back into position, the user only needs to apply a small of pressure to push the open system back into its ‘ajar’ position, the rest of the operation is completed with the operating handle.

4. Inherent safety

Ascending and descending ladders carries with it inherent risks. This is why MidMade loft ladders feature extra deep grooved treads for maximum grip. The LEX range timber treads are 87mm deep and 400mm wide, while the aluminium LUX treads are 73mm deep and 435mm wide.

5. A ladder for every requirement

Whatever your loft access requirement, MidMade has a product to meet and exceed it. Our base range, the LEX 30, features all the high quality design features you would expect from a Midmade, including a level of insulation to achieve a U-value of  0.82, yet at an affordable price.

For extra energy efficiency, the LEX 70 offers an unbeatable U-value of just 0.40, plus an extra wide loft opening of 700mm.

For commercial or public buildings, the LEX 60 incorporates rockwool insulation to offer fire resistance for 30 minutes, and the steel LUX PROFFS systems boasts 60 minutes of fire protection.